Posted on Monday 30th of April 2007 at 14:29 in Tutorials

Configuring VMWare for IDE rather than SCSI (good for installing Linux)

Something I've stumbled upon numerous times is the difficulty of installing some Linux distros in VMWare - they sometimes object to the SCSI drive configuration. Here is an image-heavy tutorial explaining how.

1. File - New - Virtual Machine. Load the wizard.

2. Instead of opting for a "Typical" setup, click for a "Custom" one:


3. Select a new workstation


4. Pick your operating system


5. Go through a few menus until you reach the "Select I/O adapter". Leave this as LSI logic but it's the next few pages you need.


6. Create a new virtual disk.


7. Select "IDE" as the virtual hard drive.


Job done.


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