Posted on Wednesday 4th of April 2007 at 13:45 in The Internet

Biggest most famous sites using Wordpress

How big a site can you make using Wordpress? This was the question on the lips of my collegues today as we pondered which open source CMS to use. Drupal? Joomla? Hang on... Can't we just use Wordpress?

There's a lot you can do with systems like Drupal (one of the MTV sites for example, and the Ubuntu site) and I'm sure the same is true of Joomla but can you actually make a succesful commercial site in Wordpress? This led me on a mission to find the biggest sites in Wordpress.

There are plenty of high-profile, high traffic blogs using it such as:

Silent Bob Speaks - the personal blog of actor, director and all round hero Kevin Smith. Although looking at his Alexa ranking, it looks like he gets as much traffic as I do...

Rosie O'Donnell's blog - nuff said.

Mark Shuttleworth's blog - the man famous because of the Linux distro Ubuntu.

John Chow dot com - the dot com mogul's extremely popular personal blog.

ZDNET blog

TechCrunch - the popular tech site.

But what about commercial sites?
I couldn't find ANY. The only topic I could find was a discussion once upon a time as to whether it was a viable option. So now that I've found the biggest / most famous sites I shall discuss the possibility of making a commercial site in Wordpress. You can read this post here.

UPDATE - As you'll see below in the comments, the 9rules community site is done in Wordpress. Amazing stuff.


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