All gone I'm afraid. Finished. Finito. Non quam postea!
Over 500 articles, nearly 2 million readers and a lot of happy memories.

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From April 2006 until March 2016 I hosted a technology blog on this domain. After 520 articles, 2,820,545 pageviews from 1,826,136 unique users it has come to an end.

Highlights would be the many times I reached the frontpage of Digg/Reddit, selling articles to the Tech Republic, guest-writing for John Chow, getting into a public argument with Darren Rowse (which went a bit viral!), being accepted into 9Rules (when it was huge), talking to the creators of sites like DeviantArt and B3ta, let alone the hundreds of emails and opportunities that it created. People paying me for my opinion, reviewing things, testing things, being invited to collaborate, receiving donations - all because of this one little hobby.

However, I stopped writing and maintaining the website, which led to gradual traffic decreases (from 160,000 people a month to barely 3,000 now), opportunities reduced and it no longer reflected my capabilities as a writer nor my abilities as a web developer. As such it was time to end that chapter and work on other things.

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