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Who is Seopher?

This is me. I'm a 27 year old web
developer, blogger and entrepreneur
from near London.

I've done work for people like
Samsung, Vauxhall, Cadburys,
Chevrolet, Center Parcs and TKMaxx.

I've been running this blog since 2006
and have reached more than
1.7 million readers

I'm passionate about the web, heavy metal, zombies and cats.


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Latest Content
  • How to get good backlinks

    In terms of SEO practice Google likes to keep everyone on their toes and there’s been a lot of turmoil in the world of link building over the last few years. Spam and automated backlink building tools where instrumental in getting high rankings on Google, but now the search engine giant has wised up and these methods don’t work anymore....

  • How to get Concrete5 DatabaseItemList to order MySQL results by random

    I encountered this today, so thought I'd share it.Concrete5's DatabaseItemList has some marvelous functionality and useful helpers.  However, the only handle it gives you for sorting is the native $this->sortBy(column, direction) function.  So how do you make it random?Like this: $this->sortBy('RAND()', 1); Hope this helps someone,...

  • How to fix Concrete5 edit regions being incorrectly aligned under Zurb Foundation CSS

    I have recently integrated a website built using Zurb's Foundation CSS into the Concrete5 CMS and there was a very obvious problem.When in edit mode, every single editable region was off by about 40px which made getting the context menu for administering pages rather difficult.Fortunately the solution was very straight forward; Foundation puts a relative...

  • Review: iTunes Match - all of your music in the cloud, accessible anywhere

    One of the biggest problems music lovers have is the distribution of their media.  I have two iPhones, an iPod classic, an iPad, a desktop PC and Macbook Pro.  I invariably want all of my music with me at all times, but we know that's not possible.  I have something like 17,000 MP3 files and, for a while, Spotify helped me satisfy the...

  • Review: DBNinja - a web based MySQL management tool to rival PhpMyAdmin?

    As a web developer I'm very familiar with the myriad of SQL management tools that exist.  Sure, everyone should know how to use their nominated SQL engine of choice from the command line (henceforth I'm going to refer to MySQL as it is mine), but we all know that tools make life easier.As such, I was contacted to review DBNinja - a web-based application...

  • So why did Apple drop Google Maps? I imagine Google requested it.

    Today I picked up my iPhone 5 (review coming soon), along with over a million other people.  Despite the vast improvements in every area of IOS6, people have been disproportionately losing their shit over it.  But why have Apple replaced Google Maps?  Here are my thoughts on the matter.So there's absolutely no debating how good Google...

  • Samsung anti iPhone 5 advert devalues their entire proposition

    It won't have escaped your attention that Apple announced the iPhone 5 this week.  While this isn't really a post about how I received that announcement, I'll include a little about it.  This post is about the subsequent reaction from both the community and competitors.  Notably, Samsung's response.An iPhone release is always going to...

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